0028 Article Expo Estampe Lharmattan 20 Minutes
029 Los Angeles Times Fooding
030 Visuel Le Fooding
031 Nord Clair Article Final
032 Press Jolie Beauty Magazine Octobre 2011
033 Seventh Man Ahilya Fanjul October 2011
A1 The Mayfair Magazine September 2011 Tondo
A2 Canary Wharf August 2011
A3 Atfashionforte Ahilya Fanjul
A4 Dare2 Magazine Ahilya Scarf Fanjul
A5 Vogue Italie Ahilya Mars 2011
A6 The Little Green Mag Fanjul
A7 Ahilya Photos Foulard
A8 Couverture Le Nord Claire Fanjul
A9 Figaro Artegalore Fanjul
B10 La Libre.be Article Gravure Claire
B11 Article Aaa Fanjul
B12 La Voix Du Nord Fanjul